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CLEVELAND, Ohio – SEAM Group, a global leader in energized asset performance, today announced the re-launch of its website www.seamgroup.com to highlight its growing suite of solutions and amplify its mission of creating a safer, more reliable world.

“As we continue our rapid growth track, we recognized the need for a more in-depth, customer-centric website experience,” said Simon Boyce, Chief Revenue Officer at SEAM Group. “Our goal was to better reflect our position as a global leader in the safety, reliability, and maintenance space through our online presence and to create a more custom and interactive website that reflects our expanding brand.”

The site includes many new features to help users quickly and easily navigate the company’s various energized asset management solutions. The features include:

  • A more comprehensive user experience
  • Expanded multimedia and video content
  • Look-ahead menu formats to streamline navigation
  • More video content featuring SEAM Group employees
  • Additional pages custom to the roles and industries SEAM Group supports

“We are thrilled to launch the new website and strongly feel it will serve as a useful, informative platform for customers, employee candidates, and industry partners to get a better understanding of the amazing business we continue to build together,” said Karol Hernandez, Marketing Director at SEAM Group.

Added: Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest SEAM Group and industry news through the expanded online blog, which will contain more robust online content, including safety tips, press releases, people spotlights, and featured solutions.

About SEAM Group

SEAM Group is a global leader in energized asset performance focused on delivering safety, reliability, and maintenance solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. Inspecting more than two million assets annually, SEAM Group offers a proven platform that combines strategic advisory, custom training, advanced technology, and actionable data management to position customers for success.

Visit www.seamgroup.com/blog/ for company developments.

Call 866.772.6770 for more information.

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