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Electric Vehicles and Fleets

Driving the Optimal Utilization of Your EV Infrastructure at Any Stage

Building a successful fleet electrification lifecycle strategy takes careful planning, commissioning, construction, and maintenance. You need a partner who can provide creative, custom EV solutions regardless of supplier.

Streamline your process from early planning to full charge by partnering with our well-rounded team of safety specialists, consultants, inspectors, engineers, and planners. We have assembled a team of industry leaders in EV charging infrastructure, to ensure you achieve optimal utilization of your investment.

SEAM Group offers a proven platform that combines strategic advisory, custom training, advanced technology, and actionable data management to position you for success.

Here are some EV outcomes you can expect:

  • More confidence in qualified installation and maintenance services
  • Enhanced safety and reliability capabilities
  • Better program management including monitoring, reporting, and communication
  • Improved user experiences and optimal utilization
  • A holistic approach from day one

Customers in the electric vehicles and fleet charging infrastructure field also benefit from our simple, scalable ViewPoint® technology that enables access to critical safety and reliability data.

EV Charging Infrastructure

SEAM Group Expertise: By the Numbers

Each year, our team inspects

1 million+
energized assets

We serve leading brands

500 +

We serve clients in

80 +
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The SEAM Group Difference

Collaboration and Partnership Defined

More than a vendor, SEAM Group functions as a strategic advisor to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be in the electric vehicles and fleet infrastructure field. We uncover quick wins, while also developing and managing long-term programs to help you exceed ongoing safety, reliability, and maintenance goals.


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