SEAM Group hires Simon Boyce as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Simon Boyce has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing of SEAM group. He previously served as the Global Director of Sales at ARMS Reliability. Boyce brings unique expertise with a cross-section of skills stemming from his global business, sales leadership, athletics, and coaching background.
As SEAM Group closes out its 27th year, including 12 years as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, Boyce’s experience in sales transformation, marketing, sales, and customer experience alignment will drive the organization to its next chapter. SEAM Group enters a new phase as it pursues a more unified One SEAM approach combining solutions in safety, reliability, and maintenance from cradle to grave for energized assets.
His passion for sales leadership and driving revenue growth has resulted in significant development for the organizations he has served– building both financial stability and value for customer bases. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, he is excited to grow the SEAM Group solutions offering and help its customer base to operate their facilities more safely and reliably.
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