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University Fights Through a Flood

A prominent university that attracts the best and brightest students from around the world experienced an unfortunate flooding incident after an extreme cold snap last winter. Water pipes on campus froze and subsequently burst, causing a major switchgear failure that took multiple laboratories offline and caused significant damage on several floors.

Customer goals

  • Ensure Safety: Student and faculty safety was paramount, along with the integrity and performance of energized assets and other equipment throughout campus.
  • Preserve Key Research: With important research work going on in damaged laboratories, it was critical to get the facility back online as soon as possible.


  • SEAM Group worked around the clock to source and secure a new emergency breaker replacement.
  • SEAM Group located an emergency breaker, installed all new circuit breakers, and cleaned/tested all gear.

Winning results

  • Within three days, the university’s laboratories were back online and fully operational.

  • The university maintained a respected reputation for putting students and faculty first.

SEAM Group Quick Tips

Facility Managers should follow these tips to ensure the safety, reliability, and maintenance of their most critical electrical systems during potentially dangerous flooding or natural disaster scenarios.

  • Evacuate personnel from affected areas to a safe location or higher ground.
  • Stay updated with weather forecasts and flood warnings.
  • Relocate sensitive equipment and data to higher floors.
  • Disconnect electrical power, gas, and water supply if necessary.
  • Establish temporary alternative facilities.
  • Work with experts to create and maintain a comprehensive emergency response plan.
  • Invest in high-quality, reliable equipment for critical systems.

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