Many believe that Infrared Inspections are only effective when the circuits or systems being surveyed are carrying a significant electrical load. Although loaded circuits will certainly show a thermal anomaly more distinctly, it comes with higher risk of damage and or unplanned equipment failure. At SEAM Group, our patented inspection process provides the ability to conduct inspections at any load, any time, without sacrificing quality. With proprietary algorithms and software, our inspectors can efficiently detect thermal issues with low or minimal loading, giving our clients the confidence and flexibility to schedule their inspections outside of peak or critical times.

The example below shows a critical thermal issue detected on a single pole breaker where the circuit was lightly loaded (2 amps on a 20 amp rating). Allowing the inspection to occur without timing it for high loads or adding load onto the circuits, was a huge “save” for this client that the alternative would likely have been catastrophic.

Similar example of a slightly loaded circuit that would have caused a significant issue at a higher load.

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