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The Untapped Power of Electrical Maintenance: NFPA 70B Can Supercharge Your Safety Program

Have you ever wondered why safety incidents often flare up after equipment failures? It’s a vicious cycle: Rushing to fix broken equipment creates a stressful environment, breeding more safety hazards. But what if there was a way to prevent these breakdowns altogether through planned electrical maintenance?

Enter NFPA 70B, the Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. While 70B is not as famous as the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, its power is no lesser. On the contrary, you will drive safety and reliability outcomes when you leverage the connection between 70E’s focus on electrical safety practices and 70B’s deep dive into electrical equipment maintenance.

By leveraging the connection between NFPA 70E and NFPA 70B:

    • You can anticipate and prevent equipment failures before they happen, significantly reducing safety risks.

    • Your maintenance team and safety professionals work together seamlessly, not in silos.

    • You can optimize equipment performance while keeping costs under control.

    That’s the power of NFPA 70B. By implementing its recommended practices, you will provide safer work environments, ensure the long-term health of your equipment, and boost overall reliability.

    Achieve NFPA 70B Compliance & Boost Performance

    Is your current electrical maintenance program holding you back?

    Every facility has room for improvement, regardless of their current maintenance practices. Here’s where we come in. We leverage our deep technical expertise and understanding of electrical regulations to help you optimize your operations and achieve peak performance.

    Our Program: A Collaborative Journey

    We take a phased approach that recognizes the crucial link between NFPA 70E (electrical safety) and NFPA 70B (electrical maintenance).

    Phase 1: Unveiling Your Gaps

      • Expert Onsite Assessment: Our team compares your current Electrical Maintenance Program (EMP) to NFPA 70B standards. We identify discrepancies between your program, field conditions, equipment identification, and compliance requirements. We can do this for your NFPA 70E safety program included or separately from our EMP assessment.

      • Customized Report & Collaborative Workshop: Receive a clear report outlining the findings. We’ll then create a plan to bridge the compliance gap.

      Phase 2: Building a Customized EMP

        • Tailored for Your Needs: Based on the assessment, we’ll collaborate to develop a formal EMP that perfectly aligns with your equipment, environment, and operational goals.

        • Long-Term Success: Our collaborative approach ensures your program is compliant and optimized for long-term success.

        Phase 3: Putting Your Plan into Action

          • Seamless Implementation: We’ll support your EMP implementation based on your needs. We can provide guidance or boots-on-the-ground support to establish your maintenance management system, document processes, train your team, and prepare an audit plan.

          Phase 4: Going Beyond Compliance

            • Sustainable Success: Our program goes beyond just achieving NFPA 70B compliance. We help you develop a strategic 5-year maintenance plan, outlining annual tasks and associated costs for predictable budgeting.

            • Customization Options: Enhance your program further with:
                  • Personalized NFPA 70E integration

                  • Fine-tuned CMMS integration

                  • Expanded infrared inspections

                  • Onsite program management support

                  • Enhanced RCM and FMECA programs

              Program Benefits: A Multi-Faceted Win

              Our program delivers a holistic solution that drives compliance with NFPA 70B, NFPA 70E, and OSHA regulations while supporting your broader goals:

                • Enhanced Safety: Minimize accidents and injuries through meticulous hazard identification and mitigation.

                • Improved Reliability: Ensure your electrical equipment operates optimally, preventing costly breakdowns and downtime.

                • Reduced Costs: Extend equipment lifespan and minimize repair/replacement needs.

                • Increased Efficiency: Optimize energy consumption for a smaller environmental footprint.

                Ready to take your electrical maintenance program to the next level? Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together. We’ll help you achieve compliance, optimize performance, and ensure your facility’s safe and reliable future.

                Call 866.772.6770 for more information.

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