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Creating a Safer, More Reliable World

Our integrated approach to solving asset safety, reliability, and maintenance issues at SEAM Group involves our leading-edge, flexible, scalable solution, ViewPoint.

Leverage our decades of experience with safety, compliance, NFPA, OSHA standards, and European Guidelines. While other providers lead with product and software, we bring a holistic approach to your safety, reliability, and maintenance challenges. ViewPoint brings together:

  • Safety-critical information from your LOTO and arc flash programs
  • Condition-monitoring insights from:
    • Infrared thermography
    • Vibration
    • Ultrasound
    • Motor and oil testing

ViewPoint empowers you to make data-informed decisions and show your predictive maintenance program’s impact on energy savings, carbon reduction, downtime avoidance, and more.

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Getting data when and where you need it is critical to your business operations. With ViewPoint® Web and Mobile, our award-winning technology and advanced analytics solution gives you unparalleled asset data access and insights 24/7/365. 


Technology Designed to Make Your Organization Safer & More Reliable

Using ViewPoint, you and your team can access infrared inspection results, arc flash assessment data, lockout/tagout procedure information, and a host of additional asset details. ViewPoint On-Demand, a mobile companion application, is also available for field use.

ViewPoint easily integrates with your current enterprise asset management (EAM) program, provides advanced analytics, and allows access to users across regions.

  • Gain visibility into inspection program compliance and results across all your facilities
  • Identify unknown risks and problem assets to help ensure safe and compliant operations
  • Identify problem assets, problem severity, and causes to help reduce equipment downtime and meet customer demands
  • Calculate the cost-benefit of your inspection program, including energy savings, failure costs, and lost production impact
  • Store and provide digital access to controlled documents for safety processes and procedures
  • Inform workers of real-time asset critical safety data at the point of work (PPE, Energy, LOTO procedures)
  • Capture and store asset condition images
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One Technology Solution for Your Entire Organization

Digitize and centralize your most critical data with easy integration and advanced analytics.

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ViewPoint Web and Mobile

Utilize our suite of simple, scalable ViewPoint solutions to monitor essential infrastructure systems and individual assets from any place, at any time.

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Advanced Analytics

Take advantage of key data related to your electrical systems, team performance, and overall reporting to make better, data-driven decisions.

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ViewPoint API

Our API can integrate with your asset management programs and reporting mechanisms to ensure a seamless implementation.

Electrical Lock Out Tag Out

Digital Lockout/Tagout

Conveniently enhance the safety and reliability of your energized assets across multiple locations with digital LOTO capabilities.

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Corporate Leadership

Build high-level asset management strategy that impacts your entire organization, protects your people, and impacts the bottom line.

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Proactively manage your most critical electrical assets to maximize reliability while increasing uptime and improving overall efficiency.

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Cultivate a culture of maintenance excellence to drive overall asset optimization and realize significant performance improvements.

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Strengthen your safety culture with impactful training, optimized practices, and compliance with the latest electrical codes and requirements.

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Risk and Compliance

Build an electrical asset management program centered on improving your organization's risk posture and achieving compliance.

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Facilities and Operations

Build an operational strategy that drives productivity, protects your people, and achieves safety goals across all your facilities.

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