performance maintenance

Identifying What Your Maintenance Optimization Plan Needs to Be

The foundation of a successful asset management program is maintenance: the efforts, people, resources, tools, processes, documentation, and strategy that your organization utilizes to keep assets throughout your footprint running at peak performance — and to return them to that point as quickly as possible when unexpected incidents occur.

At SEAM Group, our One SEAM, One Solution approach is built on a foundation of maintenance. Only the most well-maintained assets perform reliably and uphold the levels of safety needed to avoid injuries, downtime, and compliance challenges. By focusing on maintenance alongside safety and reliability, our team identifies and resolves challenges associated with common issues such as:

  • Employee skills and knowledge gaps
  • Safety exposures in unplanned work
  • Insufficient control of costs
  • Ineffective or incomplete preventive maintenance strategy
  • Reactive maintenance — i.e. fire fighting mode
  • An excessive work order backlog

Realize the Benefits of an Effective Strategy

By focusing on and including asset maintenance as part of an overall asset optimization strategy, your organization is able to realize significant performance improvements, just a few of which include:

  • Reduced costs associated with safety incidents
  • Reduced risks due to improved performance
  • Greater asset uptime and overall productivity
  • Clearer, more detailed maintenance documentation
  • Improved employee engagement and process adoption
  • Reduced energy costs due to asset performance issues
  • Reduced inventory management costs

See what capabilities are available to an integrated approach to energized asset optimization.

If you’re tired of putting out fires when it comes to your assets, then it’s time to make a change. At SEAM Group, our goal is to create a safer, more reliable world. And that starts with a proactive, integrated approach to asset maintenance. We offer the most complete range of asset management services: consulting and training for employees, asset inspection and assessment capabilities, and installation and repair services for assets and facilities alike. And it’s all supported by industry-leading technology and analytics for greater insight and analysis.

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