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Medical Technology Company Resolves Safety Issues with Arc Flash and Lockout/Tagout Solutions


A world-leading technology company specializing in medical and surgical neurotechnology and orthopedics sought help to resolve safety issues at their production facilities.

While the company initially contacted SEAM Group for an oil testing evaluation, they also stated their need for arc flash hazard analysis and lockout/tagout (LOTO) services during early discussions.

The client partnered with SEAM Group to deliver arc flash and LOTO services for 50+ locations over three years, enabling safety improvement and optimal operational performance.

With more than 40,000 employees worldwide, the company regularly experienced safety issues at its production facilities and risked workplace injuries and revenue losses.


SEAM Group captured the company’s needs and offered complete, standardized arc flash and LOTO services. 

Arc flash studies:

  1. Perform an on-site assessment of electrical equipment.
  2. Uncover correctable issues within the electrical distribution system.
  3. Determine each device’s available short circuit current and interrupting time.
  4. Calculate the highest incident energy at the specified working distance.
  5. Conduct a protective device coordination study.
  6. Offer recommendations to reduce incident energy.
  7. Determine the required personal protective equipment (PPE) level.
  8. Document the results and generate labels for the equipment.


  1. Develop energy control procedures (ECP) and identify appropriate lockout and tagout devices.
    1. PHASE I – Process review and data collection.
    2. PHASE II – Energy control procedure (ECP) development.
    3. PHASE III – Final review and delivery.
  2. Train workers on hazardous energy and lockout tagout procedures, policies, and equipment.
  3. Conduct periodic audits to verify ECPs accuracy and ensure that employees follow proper energy isolation of equipment to perform servicing and maintenance.


  • SEAM Group’s expedient and standardized information-gathering allowed for a timely proposal process.
  • The systematic and comprehensive audit SEAM Group conducted at chosen facilities earned the trust of the executive team sponsoring the initiative.
  • By leveraging ViewPoint®, employees gained access to standardized critical LOTO procedures and arc flash information at the point of work, increasing safety and compliance.
  • SEAM Group’s expertise in highly regulated industries worldwide led to expanding the relationship between the client and SEAM Group to include reliability consulting.


Arc Flash and LOTO services are currently in progress; however, SEAM Group has already received positive feedback for how they do business. The client company appreciated the transparent communication and responsiveness during the proposals process. Additionally, they were pleased with the initial audit SEAM Group conducted prior to starting work and, as a result, built the trust needed from their leadership team to move forward with the project.

technician performs arc flash assessment

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