Hospital Keeps the Lights On

A 75,000-sq. ft. hospital in the Northeast lost power when one of its main breakers failed. The hospital immediately switched to generator power to keep its critical systems running but was concerned about the safety of its patients and staff

Customer goals

  • Protect patients: Patient safety and comfort were paramount, along with the integrity and performance of lifesaving equipment and medicine.
  • Assess risk: The hospital needed an experienced partner to help assess the situation and develop a prompt action plan.


  • SEAM Group worked around the clock to source and secure the new breaker, which was not a component easily found on shelves.  
  • SEAM Group helped re-install the breaker and check critical systems to ensure the proper working order of the hospital’s equipment.

Winning results

  • Within 24 hours, a replacement for the main breaker was found.
  • SEAM Group experts had the facility back online in less than 48 hours from the time of the outage.
  • The hospital maintained its reputation for excellent patient care.

SEAM Group Quick Tips

Hospitals should follow these tips to ensure the safety, reliability, and maintenance of their most critical electrical systems.  

  • Schedule regular maintenance of critical electrical infrastructure, including switchgear and generators
  • Create and communicate a comprehensive emergency response plan.
  • Invest in high-quality, reliable equipment for critical systems. 

  • Have reliable partners to solve unexpected challenges and source critical components.  

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