Global Technology Company Emphasizes Safety at New Facility

A multinational e-commerce and cloud computing company wanted to ensure operations were optimal and safe for the 1,000+ people who would work at its new 615,000 sq. ft. distribution facility.

Customer goals

  • Develop a safer working environment for the 1,000+ employees at the new facility
  • Identify switchgear deficiencies that could impact safe operations
  • Modify switchgear to allow condition-monitoring maintenance activities to be safely performed
  • Reduce risks and protect personnel from potential arc flash events 


  • Preventive maintenance was performed on 4000-Amp switchgear during a planned shutdown 
  • Engineered, installed, and tested arc flash relay systems for the switchgear
  • Infrared windows were installed on the switchgear 
  • After relay installation, updated arc flash calculations, and labels for switchgear

Winning results

  • IR windows provided the ability to safely perform an annual infrared inspection of energized switchgear
  • Switchgear load-side incident energy values were reduced from 100-200 cal to 3-8 cal with the installation of arc flash relays
  • PPE levels for maintenance personnel were reduced for select panels, thus improving worker visibility, dexterity, and comfort
  • Arc flash relays provided the ability to remotely monitor electrical switchgear data including voltage, current, and event logs related to any “trips” via BMS integration
  • Installed accessories to allow delayed triggering (open or close) of the breaker without personnel standing in front of the breaker/panel

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