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Global Packaging Leader Seeks Electrical Safety and Lockout Tagout Training Solutions

Following a  series of safety events, a global packaging leader needed a training solution for its maintenance and operator teams. Recent incidents highlighted gaps in electrical safety and lockout-tagout knowledge and awareness, and a timely solution was of the essence.

Customer goals

  • Provide NFPA 70E and Lockout-Tagout training to the maintenance and operator teams, along with job and company-specific training as outlined by their Electrical Safety Program.-Identify switchgear deficiencies that could impact safe operations
  • Create and maintain a schedule to ensure employees receive training to perform their jobs on and around energized assets safely. Reduce risks and protect personnel from potential arc flash events 


  • SEAM Group provided a custom training solution that met employee work schedules by combining three training delivery methods: 
    • Instructor-led live webinars
    • On-site training 
    • Online self-paced
  • A one-day custom training was delivered in person to discuss a recent arc-flash event. The training included step-by-step instructions, pictures of the incident, and equipment-specific hazardous energy control procedures.

Winning results

  • Successfully trained 900 workers across 40 locations in 8 months
  • Satisfying OSHA requirements with on-site and interactive web-based training
  • Certification of training completion with knowledge checks and assessments to confirm employee command of course materials

  • Training for new hires. Online self-paced custom training provided through SEAM Group’s LMS due to for onboarding and to address the high turnover typical of the industry
  • Exceeded corporate initiative expectations. Continued support on electrical safety program requirements and corporate-driven goals for electrical safe work practices and control of hazardous energy for all locations
  • Expanded the partnership to provide a safer, more reliable workplace. SEAM Group now provides arc flash studies, infrared inspections, lockout-tagout procedures, and LVPM.

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