CMMS, Calibration & Metrology

computerized maintenance management system

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the heart of every world-class enterprise asset management program. They are the database for all labor, asset, inventory, and maintenance activities and are used by multiple departments within an organization to support work management, supply chain, and operations processes. Everything from job plans and preventive maintenance program data to work orders and planning and scheduling for all of your assets is — or should be — housed within the CMMS system.

As a leading asset management and optimization firm, SEAM Group provides complete 360º technical solutions for computerized maintenance management system challenges. Our professionals provide full turnkey solutions and augment existing teams through our proven record of helping clients worldwide meet objectives in the most cost-effective way. Our goal is to help you avoid common CMMS failures through key services that include:

  • Developing business processes and standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Updating, supporting, and improving outdated CMMS tools
  • Increasing and improving CMMS communications to the user base
  • Improving data accuracy for greater end-user trust
  • Improving CMMS data, reporting systems, and KPI development
  • Providing end-user CMMS training and support

Asset Calibration Services and Management

Throughout your organization, you likely have a variety of assets that require ongoing calibration to ensure they meet certain performance and compliance standards. To assist you in meeting those requirements, we’ll create a full asset calibration program consisting of:

  • Identifying what needs to be calibrated on each asset
  • Evaluating current calibration approach and regulations
  • Conducting asset information data capture
  • Loading of asset calibration data into your CMMS
  • Building calibration standards and benchmarks
  • Conducting training and ongoing reporting

Metrology Services for Scientific Instrumentation

SEAM Group supports a variety of Industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, and others where scientific instrumentation is in use with metrology services. These capabilities ensure that these important assets continue to provide accurate, reliable information at all times so you can in turn provide that data to those that rely on you for it.

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