Electrical Safe Work Practices 2024 NFPA 70E Online Training


Technical Management Academy

Training duration: 6 Sessions

The Technical Management Academy is an educational program aimed at maintenance and production professionals and managers. The course focuses on practical workshops, review of case studies, exchange of experience, and the presentation of modern tools. Lasting six months (6 sessions in a monthly cycle Friday – Sunday), classes will include numerous discussions, workshop collaboration in subgroups, exchange of experience, and full integration of participants.

Subject scope:

Module 1
Operational Management and the Role of the Manager in the Company, Fundamentals of Modern Physical Assets Management and Maintenance

Module 2
Management of Maintenance and Asset Costs – AMCC – Asset Management Costs Control

Module 3
Measuring and analyzing efficiency – KPIs in technical management and maintenance

Module 4
Law for technical and maintenance managers

Module 5
Implementation and improvement of preventive maintenance

Module 6
Reliability in technology

Module 7
Management of organizational and shutdown / turnaround projects

Module 8
Procurement and supply chain in physical asset management

Module 9
Human resource management

Module 10
Change management in the organization

Module 11
IT systems in physical asset management

Module 12
Physical asset management and maintenance business processes standardization

Module 13
Safety of machines and processes

Module 14
Effective communication in the company

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world.

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