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Performance Management for Maintenance, Reliability, and Asset Management

Performance Management for Maintenance, Reliability, and Asset Management (Europe)

Training duration: 2 days + dedicated online workshop for your organization

Open enrollment/Public events location: Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Milan), Romania (Bucharest), Czech Republic (Prague)

Plenty of metrics help you assess the performance of asset management and reliability in your organization. This course covers the most useful KPIs, dashboards, and usability of CMMS/EAM systems for this purpose. The course is focused on delivering practical knowledge about the importance of tracking KPIs, what to search for, how to identify gaps and warnings, and how to adapt your performance management system to your current and future goals.  

Key takeaways from this training: 

  1. Components of successful performance management systems for reliability, maintenance, and asset management  
  1. Practical hands-on experience in the development and analysis of KPIs and dashboards 
  1. How to define role-based dashboards – with examples 
  1. Top 20 KPIs explained and ready to be applied in your organization 
Training outline

Day 1  

Managing performance – what it really means 

Top 20 most important KPIs for maintenance, reliability and asset management 

Practical dashboards in CMMS systems and with use of other analytical tools 

Performance management process in the organization 

Multiple case studies and workshops 

Day 2  

How to define KPIs within your organization 

Most common mistakes in KPIs definition and use 

Performance benchmarks for maintenance, reliability, and asset management 

Strategy based on performance, calculating payback / business case 

Multiple case studies and workshops 

Post-event dedicated workshop 

90 – 120 minutes workshop to be set up with attendees from your organization and other key stakeholders of Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance within 30 days after online event 

  1. Maturity of your asset management, reliability, and maintenance processes and key goals 
  2. Performance goals of your organization 
  3. Strategic asset management plan in your organization 
  4. Most important steps for your organization to take and gain quick wins within 6-12 months 
  5. Most important steps for your organization to take and gain long term wins and build systemic approach in asset management within 12+ months 

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world

This course can be organized as a dedicated event for your organization, or you may join a public event. Please fill out the form on this page to inquire about upcoming dates or to set up a dedicated event for your organization.

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