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Modern Maintenance and Asset Management | Europe

Modern Maintenance and Asset Management – Practical Strategy (Europe)

Training duration: 2 days + dedicated online workshop for your organization

Open enrollment/Public events location: Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Milan), Romania (Bucharest), Czech Republic (Prague)

The modern maintenance and asset management course is one of our most popular courses.  The material covered provides insights to those seeking to understand fundamental principles, and to participants looking to define new tactical and strategic challenges for their asset management, maintenance, or reliability.

This course is a cross-subject event, full of essential knowledge points, workshops, and case studies discussions to deliver best-in-class practical knowledge based on vast industrial experience. 

Key takeaways from this training: 

  • Components of successful asset management, maintenance, and reliability 
  • Strategic and tactical paths for asset management optimization 
  • How to make your maintenance organization generate profits for organization 
  • Systemic, process-based approach to maintenance, reliability and asset management 
Training outline

Day 1  

Components of successful asset management 

  1. Asset management and optimized maintenance profits calculation  
  2. Structure of payback, balance pyramid of asset safety, reliability and availability 
  3. Mission of asset management within your organization


  1. Most common goals of asset-centric organizations 
  2. Asset management strategy outline  
  3. Key ISO 55000 guidelines, scope of asset management and maintenance policy and strategy 
  4. SEAM Group’s improvement paths model for asset management and maintenance  
  5. Practical workshop – your organization goals definition


Budgets and Cost Control 

  1. CAPEX and OPEX - key elements 
  2. Financial controlling breakdown for asset management (object-based, process-based, function-based) 
  3. AMCC: Asset Management Costs Control program components 



  1. Well-utilized IT system for maintenance and asset management
  2. CMMS/EAM integrations
  3. Practical checklist for your CMMS/EAM
  4. Key Industry 4.0 elements  


Asset Management & Maintenance processes structure  

  1. SEAM Group’s full process framework applicable for any asset-centric organization, breakdown of asset management processes, borders of processes’ boundaries
  2. RASCI (responsibility matrix) for selected processes
  3. Practical workshop – key elements of process definition – how to make it right? 

Day 2  

KPIs and dashboards for Asset Management and Maintenance

  1. Top 10 KPIs, KPIs definitions
  2. Practical workshop – define your new KPIs 


Asset Management and Maintenance Organizational Hints  

  1. Most important roles and responsibilities 
  2. Org charts best practices
  3. Outsourcing / insourcing strategy 
  4. Contractors’ management best-practices  


Asset Master Data and Criticality  

  1. Asset data checklist 
  1. Practical guidelines on how to manage asset data and keep it up to date 
  1. Asset Criticality Assessment methodology 
  1. How to define maintenance strategy based on criticality and asset type 
  1. Practical workshop – Criticality assessment and maintenance strategy definition


Preventive Maintenance Development and Optimization  

  1. 5 steps to effective preventive maintenance 
  1. PMO (Preventive Maintenance Optimization) explained  
  1. Best practices in building condition-based maintenance (CbM) program for any asset-centric organization   

Inventory Management  

  1. Spare parts management key elements  
  1. Important steps in optimizing your supply chain for maintenance  

Post-event dedicated workshop 

90 – 120 minutes workshop to be set up with attendees from your organization and other key asset management, reliability, and maintenance stakeholders within 30 days after online event 

  1. Maturity of your Asset management, reliability, and maintenance processes and key goals  
  2. Reduction of downtime and/or improvement of cost control on maintenance / reliability in your organization  
  3. Strategic asset management plan in your organization 
  4. Most important steps for your organization to take and gain quick wins within 6-12 months 
  5. Most important steps for your organization to take and gain long term wins and build systemic approach in asset management within 12+ months 

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world

This course can be organized as a dedicated event for your organization, or you may join a public event. Please fill out the form on this page to inquire about upcoming dates or to set up a dedicated event for your organization.

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