Hands-On Electrical Troubleshooting

Hands-On Electrical Troubleshooting

Training duration: 1 day

This intensive one-day hands-on class covers the troubleshooting, and repair of control circuits and components. The novice, as well as the experienced troubleshoot, and repair motor control circuits using the hands-on troubleshooting methods covered in this class. The attendee will build circuits on realistic training panels that contain a motor starter, relays, terminal strips, push buttons, selector switches, and limit switches.

After the circuits are built, the instructor will introduce a realistic fault into the circuit. With the instructor’s help, participants will be asked to repair the faulty circuit by using their multimeter and the techniques learned earlier in the day.

This class is hands-on and is very practical in its approach to troubleshooting. The examples shown are applicable to practice in any facility. To ensure the quality of this program, this class has limited seating.

Training outline

The motor starter

  • Prewire
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Overload contacts
  • Troubleshooting

What is continuity

  • Checking fuses
  • Checking contacts
  • Opens and shorts


  • Ice cube relays
  • Time delay relays
  • Machine tool relays

Multimeter basics

  • Ranging
  • Reading multimeters

Troubleshooting steps

  • Narrowing the problem
  • Half-splitting method

Build and troubleshoot

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world.

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