Electrical Safe Work Practices 2024 NFPA 70E Online Training


Data Analysis in Maintenance – Practical Approach

Training duration: 2 days

Organizations with diversified technical assets in operation collect a lot of data in controlling and operational processes. This training is aimed at using the collected information in the process of continuous improvement, reporting, supervision, and management. During the training, more than 10 different approaches to data use will be presented, along with examples of Excel sheets that facilitate data analysis in your organization. Data in CMMS/EAM/ERP systems and other IT systems can carry key information that allows us to improve the functioning of the maintenance department and other operational activities.


Data analysis processes in Maintenance and Asset Management

  • Management data analysis – definition
  • Master data (asset data and their quality)
  • Data analysis:
    • Costs and budget
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Maintenance Logistic
    • Failure analysis
    • RCFA analysis

Preparation of data for analysis (data pre-processing)

  • Data cleansing and reduction
  • Standardization
  • Format data for analysis
  • Preparation of master data sheets (examples)

Data sources useful for Maintenance (CMMS, SCADA, Condition Monitoring, ERP)

  • Data Source Map
  • Data formats
  • Work orders, CMMS/EAM records
  • Types of databases
  • Business Intelligence systems and their application in Maintenance

Key elements of outsourcing contracts

  • Workshop: Failure analysis
  • Workshop: Maintenance cost analysis
  • Workshop: Analysis of the maintenance preventive budget
  • Workshop: Analysis of condition monitoring results
  • Workshop: Wrench time Analysis

Excel – (not) excellent data analysis tool (Overview of the most commonly used functions in data analysis)

  • Getting Started – worksheets Examples
  • Workshops on PivotTables
  • Automation Examples

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world.

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