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Unlock the Benefits of a Digital Lockout Tagout Program

Equip your staff and contractors with easy access to critical safety procedures with a digital lockout tagout program. By simply scanning a QR code or accessing a web-based platform, your people can see detailed lockout tagout procedures for all your assets.

How can digital lockout tagout help you?

You can reduce risk to your in-house team and contractors by providing detailed asset safety data and procedures at the point of work!

Even better, your procedures can be interactive to help your people follow them and confirm each step. The paperless nature of digital lockout tagout can also reduce the reliance on binders and other documentation methods, enabling you to update your procedures at the click of a button.

You already know the importance and benefits of a comprehensive lockout tagout program. Connect with us to discuss how our ViewPoint platform can take your LOTO procedures to the next level!

What makes SEAM Group your ideal digital LOTO partner?

Our experts bring decades of experience across industries and facilities. When you partner with SEAM Group, you work with people who understand the daily mounting pressures that safety and maintenance leaders face. We will work to help your safety and maintenance teams work in alignment, so your lockout tagout program protects your people and assets in an optimized way.

Be Proactive

The world of LOTO is changing. Traditional control measures such as physical locks and tags are being challenged by computer-based controls as the workplace environment becomes more automated and digital. Most industrial environments rely on multiple energy types ranging from electrical, thermal, and gas to radiation, vacuum, explosive, and propellants; each source calls for a tailored safety approach. Knowing that a revised OSHA standard is in the works, our advice is: to be proactive with our digital lockout/tagout program.

Use internal experts from different departments or a “fresh pair of eyes” from a third-party service to assess if gaps exist between your written procedures and program and your sources of energy, control procedures, labeling, data collection, and training. Remember that there are tools and software available to help you update and build a best-in-class LOTO program to protect your people and equipment.

Read our full Taking a Deep Dive into the World of Lockout Tagout article in OH&S Magazine.

SEAM Group: Your Comprehensive Lockout/Tagout Partner

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LOTO Program Development and Implementation

Each LOTO program is custom developed for compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations and standards as well as your company’s specific requirements and policies.

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Annual Audits and Reviews

Verify that Energy Control Procedures (ECP) are accurate and that employees are able to demonstrate proper energy isolation of equipment to perform servicing and maintenance.

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Compliance GAP Assessment

An in-depth report of where your LOTO program to identify and make recommendations on overlooked areas, training gaps,  and improvement opportunities

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