Troubleshooting Control Circuits and 3-Phase Motors

Troubleshooting Control Circuits and 3-Phase Motors

Training duration: 1 day

This advanced hands-on troubleshooting class will expose participants to many types of control circuits and components common in the industry today. Participants will work from ladder diagrams that represent common industrial uses such as a tank fill control, a duplex-pump control, and a punch press anti-tie-down.

Once the ladder diagrams are constructed, the circuit assembled, the instructor will then insert a realistic fault into the circuit. The students will troubleshoot the circuit using the techniques that will be discussed in the class. In addition to control circuits, 3-phase motors will be examined in the class.

The instructor and participants will discuss common 3-phase motor faults, troubleshooting procedures and the use of appropriate test instruments. Students will then be provided with 3-phase motors in class to demonstrate their troubleshooting skills.

Training outline


  • 3-wire control
  • Permissives
  • Multiple panels
  • Hoist control
  • Start delay
  • Staggered delay
  • Overheat protection

Using time delay off

  • 3-wire control using start relay
  • Hydraulic ram control
  • Automatic duplex pump control
  • Two-speed motor control
  • Excessive cycle prevention
  • Short cycle prevention
  • Circuit drawing exercises

Multimeter basics relays

  • Categories and safety
  • 8-pin tube base “ice cube”
  • Time delay on
  • Alternating

Troubleshooting 3-phase motors

  • Common faults
  • Common tools

Troubleshooting tips

Photocell operation

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world

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