Confined Space Training and Awareness

Confined Space Training and Awareness

Training duration: 2+ hours

This 2+ hours course covers the critical aspects of OSHA 1910.146 and 1910.134 as the legal force behind confined space entry and programs. The course also covers ANSI Z359.1 and A10.14, the trusted guidance for permit and non-permit requirements for confined spaces, and for entry equipment guidelines for specialized confined spaces.

Once understanding of regulations and codes is achieved, this class provides the accepted definitions, common devices, and examples of confined space permits and entry procedures. Our focus then shifts to identifying the common hazards associated with confined spaces, and the most widely used control measures.

Finally, we take a close look at specialized rescue equipment and PPE to understand the types of equipment, inspection frequencies, safety factors, and replacement criteria. We also discuss rescue equipment, specialized training, and the criticality of rescue personnel. 60% of all confined space fatalities were in fact rescue personnel.

This course is the best tool available for new employees, or those seeking a refresher or deeper understanding of current requirements and practices for confined space awareness. With prior coordination, onsite delivery of this course can be customized for emphasis on your facility and equipment.

Training outline

What is a confined space?

OSHA regulations associated with confined spaces

Confined space definitions

Non-permit required confined space vs. permit required confined space (PRCS)

Hazards associated with PRCS

Controlling hazards associated with PRCS

PPE & equipment associated with confined spaces

Let’s work together to create a safer, more reliable world

This course can be organized as a dedicated event for your organization, or you may join a public event. Please fill out the form on this page to inquire about upcoming dates or to set up a dedicated event for your organization.

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