The Tangible Benefits of Lean Maintenance

September 26, 2017


Bringing the principles of lean to the concept and practice of manufacturing management offers a host of benefits when it's done correctly. As previously discussed, a well-executed review of existing protocols, from which a concrete action plan can be created, will help a manufacturing company or other enterprise asset-dependent organization increase uptime, decrease operational expenses and set the stage for continuous improvement in unexpected ways.


"Managers should look past the tendency to see lean as a linear process."


As explained by Industry Week contributor Steve Minter, the ideal results that managers and executives expect to see after adopting lean principles don't always present themselves. That's not an indictment of the lean system itself - rather, it's a manifestation of a tendency to see lean management as linear, when it is in fact cyclical.


"Rooting out problems early and maintaining stable operations is not a formula for s