Collaborative Approach Solves Issues

August 8, 2017

Our collaborative approach works for solving issues for a food manufacturer’s packaging process. Predictive Service was engaged to recommend solutions for a food packaging process that would reduce the required headcount currently used and increase line speed and quality. The initial approach was performing a detailed evaluation of their current system including the design, configuration and throughput. Working collaboratively with the operations and maintenance personnel, the Predictive Service professionals assessed the challenges and causes that were creating the main issues with lines performance. The outcome was a detailed assessment of the current state and recommended line configuration options that would address the issues.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ed Stanek and the team at Predictive Service on two separate occasions.  I count on the team at Predictive Service to provide me with a customized support plan that addresses my specific needs and doesn’t “lead me” in a predetermined, cookie cutter direction.  Committed, honest and reliable, the team at Predictive Services produce