PM Optimization Delivers Results

October 27, 2016

One global pharmaceutical client has achieved these optimization results:

Eliminate 28,000 man hours annually of PM Maintenance while … Adding 50% more “value added tasks” and … show documented parts and material saving of $1,400,000 as a result of optimized PM’s


Working with Predictive Service, their PM Optimization project covered four facilities and the results are being praised as the leading corporate-wide initiative for Continuous Improvement.


They started their optimization initiative focused on addressing reliability and productivity issues within their operating facilities. Some of the issues found and addressed within their existing PM’s program were:


  • Too many failures or breakdowns only to realizing “They just PM’d this”

  • Emotional based decisions, typically after a failure, which adds layers to existing PM’s

  • Solving for equipment availability problems which prevents PM execution

  • PM’s requiring equipment downtime while the goal is