7 Wastes of Preventive Maintenance (Part 2 of 8)

February 16, 2016



How efficient is your preventive maintenance program?  The reality is that the typical preventive maintenance program achieves a staggeringly low 25-30% efficiency in labor hours.  Where do the other hours go?

Predictive Service utilizes techniques based on Lean principles to identify waste in the PM work process. Over the next few weeks, this blog series will identify each type of waste to target for elimination to achieve efficiency in the PM process.

7 Wastes of Preventive Maintenance: Over-Production (1 of 7)
Producing more than the customer needs

The first part of the seven wastes is over production. Waste results from producing more than is required at any given moment by the next workstation or the final customer.  Typical examples are; producing product to stock based on sales forecasts, producing more parts to avoid lost time due to long set-ups, and batch process resulting in extra output  in case of breakdowns.

Over-Production Waste in PMs: