7 Wastes in PMs: Defects (Part 8 of 8)

June 29, 2016

Work that contains errors, rework, mistakes or lacks something necessary

The last of the 7 Wastes is the one that is most frequently targeted, often to the exclusion of the other six. (Over-Production, Transportation, Motion, Waiting,  Processing and Inventory. See our previous posts for more information about the first six wastes.)


Defects are often a significant percentage of total manufacturing costs and reducing this waste is a major focus of many cost reduction or improvement initiatives.  When defects occur, they can create issues in addition to the material cost through requiring re-inspections, rescheduling and capacity loss.  Waste through defects can be from scrap through process failure, reworks from misloaded parts, field failures in equipment, missing parts, variation or batch process defects.


Defects Waste in PMs:

* Inferior or inappropriate PM task. Training or systems limitations

* PM T