Retailer Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with Infared

October 2, 2015

Internet-based retailers around the world consider logistics and achieving on time delivery paramount to the overall customer experience. Their distribution and sorting facilities are key in keeping their operations running smoothly. One of the techniques used to ensure reliable and safe operations is utilizing a Predictive Maintenance strategy on key assets within their facilities.


Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a reliability based maintenance strategy designed to proactively monitor the health of critical assets. By monitoring the condition, the onset of impending failure can be detected and alleviated before significant unplanned shutdowns or catastrophic events occur. PdM techniques have a proven track record across a wide variety of industries and applications, resulting in an increase in the equipment’s availability which facilities need to achieve their throughput goals. Infrared inspection is one of the predictive techniques utilized for detecting thermal anomalies within electrical systems, distributions panels, switchgear, breakers, disconnects and a like.


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