How to Reduce Your Water Bill This Summer Without Running Dry

May 21, 2015


With summer approaching everyone is working hard outside; planting, treating the lawn, landscaping and testing or repairing their irrigation system. With all of that comes a significant increase in your water and sewer bill, which unfortunately is less and less predictable due to changed weather pattern and more frequent dry period. If you are a commercial property owner or home owner, or both, here are three main ways to manage and reduce your water bill:


1. Reduce your demand


2. Control your water use


3. Retain water for irrigation


The first two are easily implemented and have a lot of low cost options. Retaining water, such as storm water run-off, is often more involved. Reduce your demandThe water demand of your plants is driven by the species selection, density, location, soil composition and the area. In order to reduce the demand of water you could reduce the vegetated area. However that is not the goal here. The next best thing, and often overlooked is the soil. It’s not just important to have good soil and to conduct soil imp