Preventive Maintenance Development and Optimization


Preventive maintenance development and optimization
Berlin, Germany

SEAM Group trained 20k+ C-level Executives, Directors, Managers, Engineers and Specialists across the globe in the field of Maintenance and Asset Management, Asset Budget Planning and Control, Condition Monitoring Programs, Asset Electrical Safety and Industrial Safety Programs.

Preventive Maintenance Development and Optimization training has been developed to deliver most valuable best-practices of assets’ failures prevention and preventive maintenance programs implementation in asset-centric organizations. Join our next event or organize one in your company!


Why should you choose this training?

  • Over 50 topics related to preventive maintenance
  • 4 Practical interactive workshops
  • Examples of documentation and SEAM Group’s tools
  • Multiple case studies from industry and other asset-centric businesses


of training
is a detailed subject-oriented presentation and discussion around
best practices


is the presentation and work on real case studies


is covered by practical hands-on workshops
with real examples


Day 1

– Definition of maintenance activities types, review of normative/ standards
– Practical understanding of definitions boundaries

Why to prevent failures?
– Payback from preventive maintenance, when it is cheaper to execute reactive maintenance
– Practical workshop

Preventive Maintenance Program
– All components explained (technical, organizational, financial, software)
– Practical checklist for Preventive Maintenance

Asset Master Data and Criticality
– Asset data checklist
– Practical guidelines how to manage asset data and keep it up to date
– Asset Criticality Assessment methodology
– Practical workshop

Asset Care Optimization
– How to select maintenance strategy for assets based on criticality, financial, organizational and technical factors

CMMs / EAM for preventive maintenance
– Model utilization of IT System for Asset Management and Maintenance in Preventive Maintenance Processes
– Planning and Scheduling – practical workshop

Day 2

Development of effective Preventive Plans
– Failure mechanism characteristics
– Failure data analysis
– Assessing failure mechanism and application of most efficient (in term of costs and effect) preventive tasks

Preventive Maintenance Development / Optimization methodologies and tools
– RCM, FMEA / FMECA, MTA, SMR and many more explained and structured, clear guideline what to use to get it done with proper quality and in reasonable costs

10 step Preventative Maintenance Development / Optimization method
– Practical guide how to develop preventive plans with examples from multiple industries, including Planned Tasks, Condition Monitoring Program, Calibration Plan etc.
– Practical workshops

Budgeting and Cost Control for Preventive Maintenance
– Financial controlling breakdown for Asset Management (object-based, process-based, function-based) in Preventive Maintenance environment
– AMCM – Asset Management Costs Management program components

Inventory Management (Spare Parts Management) for Preventive Maintenance
– Most important tips, processes and guidelines in optimizing your supply chain for preventive maintenance

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  • Berlin, Germany
  • Participants’ price for Training is $590 /person.Early bird pricing is $450 /person – registration required 30 calendar days before the training starts.In case of application of more than one person from the same company, the cost of participation is:
    90% for second participant
    80% for third participant
    70% for fourth and more
  • English Language Training

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Arkadiusz Burnos - Speaker


Arek Burnos – Managing Director EMEA, Senior Consultant

Expert in the field of asset management in asset-centric organizations: production, power generation, mining and transport companies. Specialist in the field of technical management, maintenance departments’ organization, reliability processes development and optimization of maintenance workflows. Strongly focused on improvement of practical cooperation between operations and technical departments. Arek developed and managed numerous projects oriented on asset management improvement across whole EMEA region. He continuously acts as a senior consultant / expert in projects related to reliability and maintenance management, CMMS/EAM implementation and CAPEX projects management.

  • He has developed more than 15 asset management strategies (SAMP) for mid and large scale organizations (5+ sites).
  • Arek led over 150 open enrollment and dedicated courses. Privately Arek is a sailor and an amateur of hand-to-hand combat.

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