Colin Duncan joined SEAM Group at the beginning of October 2019.

As the CEO of SEAM Group, Colin is responsible for overseeing operations and business activities globally. That encompasses our Enterprise Asset Management, Electrical Safety, Condition Monitoring and Facility Services solutions.

Prior to joining SEAM Group, Colin was an independent Board Member and Executive that worked with several leading organizations in the safety services market across human factors, safety, technical safety services, software and operational excellence.

Colin was Previously CEO of leading safety consulting firm BST/ DEKRA Insight leading operations across 21 offices globally.

Colin was recently appointed as a Professorial Lecturer at the Workplace Safety and Health Management Research Unit at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University. He and Dr. David Michaels have established this center to drive research into our understanding of occupational safety and to provide new insights and better solutions to the safety challenges we face.

Colin has frequently written on strategy, safety, and leadership. His work has appeared regularly in Safety+Health magazine and other publications globally. In 2012, he was the general editor of the book, The Zero Index: A path to sustainable safety excellence.

Colin is deeply committed to the safety of people and is a great fit to continue the growth of SEAM Group.

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