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New Suite of Advisory & Field Services to support companies with NFPA 70B standard

A New Suite of Advisory and Field Services will help customers align safety, maintenance, and reliability capabilities as NFPA 70B becomes a ‘standard’. 

SEAM Group, a global leader in energized asset performance, today announced the development of new advisory and field services to support its organizational customers in their implementation of the new 70B standard announced by the National Fire Protection Association.
According to the NFPA, 70B was first issued in 1973 as a recommended practice that guided electrical equipment maintenance tasks. In January 2023, NFPA 70B transitioned from a recommended practice to the Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. The move to a standard provides more stringent enforceability creating a compliance demand on companies. SEAM Group is ramping up its training and advisory solutions regarding 70B with the upcoming webinar, “How to comply with NFPA-70B: New standard for electrical equipment maintenance.” The event is scheduled for 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 24. Those interested in participating can register at www.seamgroup.com/70b.
This new standard further validates our strategic plan to help companies align safety, maintenance, and reliability,” said SEAM Group Chief Executive Officer Colin Duncan. “We are excited to help our customers further enhance their best practices to optimize performance and create safer, more reliable organizations.”
NFPA 70B is a standard for electrical equipment maintenance to safeguard people, property, and processes from the risks of electrical equipment failure, breakdown, or malfunction. This standard also provides a means to establish a condition of maintenance of electrical equipment and systems for safety and reliability.

SEAM Group will rely on its expert team of trainers, consultants, and engineers to ensure NFPA 70B compliance for its growing list of international, cross-industry customers.

“The transition of NFPA 70B from recommended practice to a standard is a win-win for driving the reliability of electrical equipment and the overall lifecycle management of energized assets,” Duncan said. “It also takes employee safety to the next level. As global leaders in this space, we bring comprehensive solutions, a flexible approach, and our unique ViewPoint® technology solution to tie it all together.”

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