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Know Your Next Step with Asset Analytics

From the pharmaceutical industry to food preparation and hospitality, companies have hundreds and even thousands of assets to manage on a daily basis. Each of those assets has its specific challenges: thermal issues, electrical problems, chemical hazards, and simple wear and tear. The key to successful asset management and optimization program is asset analytics — understanding the assets themselves, knowing how to prioritize servicing them, and identifying performance and cost patterns at various levels (such as by asset or by facility).

At SEAM Group, our integrated approach to solving asset safety, reliability, and maintenance issues is built on a foundation of asset analytics. Through a variety of technology systems like ViewPoint and others, companies gain a robust asset analytics solution that enables more thorough cataloging of energized assets and supporting inventory, the condition of those assets, current and predicted maintenance costs, and more — all in a single platform that’s accessible to your team.

How Asset Data Empowers Your Organization

As a result of leveraging our analytics capabilities, companies benefit from:

  • Greater decision-making capability for operational leaders
  • The ability to drill down and identify asset issues
  • Reduced costs through asset prioritization
  • The ability to maximize the lifespan of key assets
  • Improved asset safety and training programs

Whether through an infrared inspection service or an ongoing preventive maintenance or vibration monitoring program, customer analytics from SEAM Group provide the foundation your organization needs to make strategic decisions that reduce costs, improve safety, strengthen asset reliability, and help you achieve greater productivity through data.

If your organization is looking to better understand its performance, customer analytics from SEAM Group provides a clear picture of your systems that you need. Whether you already have an analytics solution in place or are looking to take your asset optimization program to the next level, our team is ready to help.

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