Asset Data Capture

asset data capture

A Single Approach to Asset Data Capture

Depending on your industry, the number of facilities you have, and the types of assets operating in them, the amount of data needed for your asset management or optimization program is likely significant. And depending on the services being performed on those assets and in these facilities, the amount of data needed only continues to grow from there.

Arc flash hazard assessments, infrared inspections, lock-out/tag-out programs, predictive maintenance programs, combustible dust analysis, and many other types of asset-related services all require various data points. This information not only helps you understand your entire asset footprint but also how to prioritize performance improvements, maintenance work, and other initiatives in a way that will produce benefits faster, resulting in lower costs, increased productivity, energy savings, and more.

Our Single Approach to Asset Data Capture

As a leading enterprise asset management company, SEAM Group is committed to helping you identify and resolve asset safety, reliability, and maintenance challenges. In whatever capacity our expert team is supporting your organization, the first step in achieving success starts with asset data capture. Our approach begins with our in-house Field Data Gathering Tool. Asset information — including business-unit specific information — is then moved into and maintained within ViewPoint, our predictive maintenance software application, where it’s then accessible to you and your team. The entire processes follows a streamlined workflow:

  • Requirements are gathered for data collection
  • Our team conducts the on-site data collection effort
  • In ViewPoint, you review and approve collected data
  • Approved data is available to the business unit using it

However our organizations choose to work together, asset data capture is the foundation of all that we offer. Only by identifying, measuring, monitoring, and improving asset performance are we able to achieve the asset optimization goals you’ve entrusted to us. With more than 500 active clients and more than 2,000,000 assets inspected every year, our team has the expertise and capability to help your organization become safer and more reliable.

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