asset replacement

Keep Moving with Asset Replacement, Installation, and Repair

Your organization relies on a variety of assets every day to maintain productivity, protect workers and customers, and achieve your goals. Over time, these assets may require periodic repair, updates, or even full replacement along with the installation of new assets. As a leading asset management and optimization company serving more than 500 clients in multiple industries around the world, we’ll be there for all of your asset replacement, repair, and installation needs — whether planned or unexpected.

Installation Capabilities

From helping you design your asset program to implementing it throughout one or more facilities, our team is ready to support you. We’re experts in working with a variety of enterprise assets — from electrical control panels and systems to EV charging stations to generators and UPS installations. Whatever your asset needs may be, we’ll work with you to identify a solution and manage it from start to finish.

Scheduled Maintenance

If your internal facilities or repair team is at capacity, or if you need to outsource support for maintaining your energized assets, our team will support you through scheduled maintenance. These scheduled maintenance services, such as Low-Voltage Preventive Maintenance (LVPM), are designed to prevent equipment failure and reduce unplanned downtime by restoring those assets to optimal conditions. We’ll coordinate our scheduled maintenance activities with you and will manage every aspect of our work while keeping you informed.

Managed Project Rollouts

SEAM Group supports organizations with broad-level initiatives through our capital improvements capabilities, but for projects on a smaller scale or perhaps only at only a few facilities, we offer expert support through managed project rollouts. Whether we’re supporting you with asset replacement or new installation, our expert team will identify any issues with your assets, recommend solutions, and manage their implementation from start to finish. From lighting retrofits and store refresh imaging to energy management system (EMS) installations, we have the industry experience and expertise to envision, plan, deploy, and execute your most difficult projects.

Achieve Your Asset Replacement, Installation, and Repair Goals

No other energized asset management and optimization firm offers such an integrated approach to solving asset safety, reliability, and management challenges. Our team inspects more than 2,000,000 assets each year, and we’re ready to put that expertise to work for your business.

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