Lockout / Tagout & Critical Procedures

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Give Your Employees a Set of Tools to Work Safely

Energy sources including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and others can be hazardous to workers. OSHA Title 29 CFR 1910.147 and NFPA 70E article 120 are general industry standards focused on addressing the practices and procedures necessary to disable machinery or equipment prior to servicing. With a lockout / tagout (LOTO) program from SEAM Group, you can help prevent unexpected energization or release of hazardous energy during a maintenance activity that can result in serious injury or death.

What is a Lockout / Tagout Program?

  • Lockout is the placement of a lockout device on an energy isolation device in accordance with an established procedure, ensuring the equipment being controlled cannot be operated until lockout device is removed
  • Tagout is the placement of a tagout device on an energy-isolating device in accordance with an established procedure to indicate that the equipment may not be operated until tagout device is removed

What an Effective Lockout / Tagout Program Includes

  • Energy control procedures (ECP) for affixing appropriate lockout devices and/or tagout devices to energy isolation devices in three phases: 1) process review and data collection, 2) ECP development, and 3) final review and delivery
  • Education for workers on hazards or hazardous energy and lockout / tagout procedures, policies, and equipment
  • Periodic auditing of the system (at least annually) — these audits are used to verify that ECPs are accurate and that employees can demonstrate proper energy isolation of equipment to perform servicing and maintenance

LOTO Compliance Gap Assessment

For companies that have implemented a lockout / tagout program, SEAM Group offers a compliance gap assessment (CGA), report, and recommendations to identify missing components, processes, or training needs to satisfy compliance requirements.

Protect Employees and Contractors with SEAM Group

At SEAM Group, our mission is creating a safer, more reliable world, and that starts with ensuring assets are properly secured and marked and that employees are trained in their safe operation. With lockout / tagout and critical procedure development and support, your organization protects its most important asset: people.

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