Electrical Safety Audit

electrical safety audit

Complete Electrical Safety Solutions for Multiple Assets

Electrical hazards are present throughout your organization. Operating these assets and maintaining them is critical to staying in compliance with NFPA 70E, ISO, OSHA, ASTM, and NEC regulations. At SEAM Group, we offer a variety of electrical safety audit services that, when combined, provides the most cost-effective means of increasing the safety of your personnel and ensuring systems continue to operate in an efficient, reliable manner.

Available Electrical Safety Audits

Infrared (IR) Inspections

Identifies thermal and visual compliance problems; prioritizes them by severity, probable cause, estimated cost savings; and provides recommended repair actions. Assets are inventoried and baseline.

Electrical Panel Service

This electrical safety audit service provides qualified electricians to safely open and close electrical assets included in the infrared inspection. Technicians are safety-trained, badged, and wear appropriate PPE.

On-Demand Maintenance

Provides qualified electricians to address thermal and compliance issues found during the IR inspection. Includes problem close-out within ViewPoint, our web and mobile predictive maintenance technology.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Determines the amount of energy that could be generated in an arc flash. The results define a protection boundary and arc-rated apparel/PPE required. Asset details are collected while panels are being inspected.

The Electrical Safety Audit Process

Our team first inventories and QR-codes all items, recording nameplate specifics and capturing infrared/digital images. All assets are inspected first visually, then we use our patented T-Max software to confirm the presence and severity of any anomalies. Asset conditions are assessed on site, and our team reports critical findings before departure. We then perform a quality review of the data and post the results in ViewPoint within five business days, where you can then access it via web or mobile devices.

Electrical safety audits are an important part of every asset management program. Inspecting more than 2,000,000 assets for more than 500 clients worldwide, SEAM Group is the electrical safety audit partner you need to achieve your goals. Our mission is to create a safer, more reliable world, and we’re ready to do our part in achieving that for your organization.

Contact us today to discuss our electrical safety audit capabilities and schedule yours.