Arc Flash Hazard Assessment

Arc Flash

Identify Electrical Hazards with an Arc Flash Assessment

Every 30 minutes, an electrically induced injury occurs with severe results, such as skin burns, respiratory issues, hearing loss, and eye damage. These injuries occur in a fraction of a second due to sudden arc flash. That’s why SEAM Group offers arc flash hazard assessment services — to help prevent these incidents from occurring in your facilities and to help you maintain compliance with NFPA 70E and other safety regulations.

An arc flash hazard assessment (also called an arc flash risk assessment) provides the calculations of the incident energy and associated personal protective equipment (PPE) level requirements for assets in your facilities’ electrical systems based on the existing arc flash hazard risk conditions.

How Our Arc Flash Hazard Assessments Work

As part of a full asset management strategy, our expert team will perform the following elements of an assessment:

  • Assess on-site electrical systems equipment
  • Uncover any correctable issues in the electrical distribution system
  • Determine available short circuit current and interrupting time of each device
  • Calculate the largest incident energy at the specified working distance
  • Calculate the arc flash boundary and hazard risk category
  • Complete a protection device coordination study
  • Prepare recommendations of reducing incident energy
  • Determine the required PPE level
  • Document results and generate labels for the equipment

Arc flash hazard assessments are a critical element of an overall safety program and to ensure compliance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards and National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 110.16 code requirements. Conducting them frequently, even if only to validate existing calculations, improves employee safety as they work on or near exposed live electrical parts and provides location-specific safety information to employees and contractors.

Our trained, engineer-certified employees conduct your arc flash hazard assessment with a high level of expertise, adhering to all safety procedures, wearing appropriate PPE, and communicating with you on progress. At SEAM Group, our goal is to create a safer, more reliable world, and that starts with understanding the risks present in your assets. Serving more than 500 clients worldwide and inspecting more than 2,000,000 assets annually, our team has the knowledge and skill needed to help you protect your people and assets 24/7/365.

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