Work Management

work management

A Seamless Process for Executing Asset Optimization Programs

In every asset management and optimization effort, SEAM Group leverages a truly exhaustive approach to work management. This approach carefully considers multiple aspects of your program to ensure that work is being performed properly, at the right time, by the right people, and for the right purpose.

Examples of Work Management Capabilities

  • How to handle asset maintenance activities
  • Developing process flows for operational alignment
  • Configuration reporting systems and requirements
  • Transmitting work from managers to individuals
  • Identifying work needed as part of the program
  • How to efficiently execute the work needed
  • Conducting planning and scheduling activities
  • Managing asset outages for efficient resolution
  • Overseeing work order management efforts
  • Tying work-related data into your CMMS

Our goal as a leading asset management and optimization company is to solve your most demanding asset safety, reliability, and maintenance challenges. Work management is a foundational part of that and ensures that all our efforts are being governed strategically, are being executed for the right asset management and optimization objectives, and produce the best possible results for your team and bottom line.

We’ll Manage the Details, You Reap the Rewards

SEAM Group currently supports more than 500 clients in multiple industries around the world with a variety of asset management and optimization capabilities. Leveraging our One SEAM, One Solution approach, everything we do is designed to help you realize immediate and long-term benefits from your assets while:

  • Improving safety for your employees and contractors
  • Increasing the longevity and performance of your assets
  • Reducing risks associated with energized assets
  • Helping you meet compliance requirements

Our work management capabilities are the ideal solution for helping you execute a results-oriented asset management strategy while enabling your team to stay focused on other critical tasks.

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