Combustible Dust

dust hazard analysis

Combustible Dust: A Hidden Danger in Industrial Facilities

Combustible dust is created during the normal course of production in a variety of facility types. And while dust might seem like nothing more than a simple housekeeping nuisance, it can pose a serious threat to worker safety. OSHA is actively inspecting facilities, issuing citations and fines and creating a regulatory standard for the proper handling of combustible dusts. As the leader in proactive workplace safety, we provide a thorough combustible dust hazard analysis program ranging from testing and auditing to employee training.

Dust Testing and Hazard Analysis Capabilities

SEAM Group offers two levels of dust hazard analysis and testing services depending on your current situation and overall dust mitigation needs.

Combustible Dust Testing

NFPA standards state, “The owner/operator of a facility with potentially combustible dusts shall be responsible for determining whether the materials are combustible or explosible.”

Dust is unique and must be tested to accurately develop a plan to reduce the risks associated with combustible dust. Our expert team will design a plan to ensure the collection of samples and determine the required tests. Once testing is completed, our team will guide you through the results and discuss the best plan of action.

Dust Hazard Analysis

NFPA standards state, “Where dusts are determined to be combustible or explosible, the hazards associated with the dusts shall be assessed and mitigated.”

A dust hazard analysis (DHA) is a critical step in the mitigation of combustible dust risks and provides a basis for the implementation of other requirements such as engineering controls, operating procedures, training programs, inspection and testing programs, and management of change programs.

Our Approach to Resolving Combustible Dust Challenges

Our industry experts identify the risks associated with combustible dust and develop customized, comprehensive dust management procedures to reduce risks and comply with industry standards. We are uniquely qualified to identify and resolve the complex and sometimes costly controls associated with combustible dust. Our team has OSHA experience and has been instrumental in improving safety for companies in industries around the globe. If you’re looking for a partner to support your dust mitigation efforts, we’re here to help.

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