Asset Reliability Strategy

asset reliability

Transform Your Approach to Asset Reliability

Ensuring your assets continue to perform for your organization and produce meaningful, measurable results — and realizing a strong return on the investment you’ve made in them — begins with a well-defined, properly implemented, and consistently monitored asset reliability strategy. At SEAM Group, we offer the most comprehensive approach to asset reliability that’s designed to improve the performance of your program through several phases:

1. Reactive In this phase, you’re fixing assets after they fail. The only advantage is short-term cost savings to meet budget requirements, though the underlying problem is still going unaddressed.
2. Planned You’re fixing assets before they fail, saving on costs and eliminating complications. Despite this, the approach is still only a response to asset problems — not a long-term solution.
3. Predictable Here, you’re measuring and resolving issues to realize long-term savings, eliminate unwanted surprises, and ultimately predict and prevent future problems from occurring.
4. Reliability In the reliability phase, you’re not only fixing problems but improving the asset — improving precision and value while gaining competitive advantages, reducing failures, and taking an optimization focus.
5. Enterprise At the enterprise level of asset reliability, the focus shifts to sustaining improvements to multiply the benefits realized. This supports growth and enables you to truly leverage your assets for long-term success.

Improving Asset Reliability Through Failure Analysis

All assets wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. A key element of maximizing their reliability is gaining the most value out of the asset while anticipating and planning for their potential failure points. To estimate this and help you realize that value in your assets, SEAM Group leverages advanced P-F curve analysis. When assets first show signs of decay, we are able to calculate the asset’s potential failure point as well as its functional failure point. Along the way, we leverage condition monitoring to extend the life of the asset (and your investment). The result is that your organization gets the most value and performance out of the asset as possible while proactively understanding when the asset may need to be replaced.

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