Whether you have a steam system that runs your processes or one that heat your facilities, if it’s not fully optimized, you may be wasting energy and money. Furthermore, leaking steam systems used for space heating, burdens the overall system and costs you money. In today’s economy, you need to do more with less— and if you haven’t had your steam system properly maintained, you’ve likely become best friends with the people who deliveries your boiler fuel and water treatment chemicals.

An easy thing you can do that will yield up to a 200 percent return on investment? Steam trap and system leak surveys. Through our services, you can help avoid:

  • Safety issues associated with water hammer

  • Wasting expensive boiler water that is treated with chemicals

  • Contributing to pipe corrosion because of poor water quality or contaminants

  • Reducing your product quality

  • Additional environmental pollution

  • Wasting significant energy

Reality Check Studies show, without routine leak surveys or a steam trap maintenance program, up to 50 percent of your steam traps may be blowing live steam. An annual program will cut that in half, and a semi-annual program in half yet again. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that one blown trap at 100 psi with a 3/16” orifice wastes 97.7 pounds of steam per hour. At $12 for a thousand pounds of steam, that’s $28 per day, $10,279 per year. Multiply that by thousands of traps some facilities have, and it’s easy to see why you must optimize your steam system.

The Predictive Service Solution The Predictive Service approach uses complimentary technologies & integrated management software. Ultrasound evaluates leaking valves and fittings and listens for proper steam trap operations. Infrared helps evaluate whether or not the downstream trap and piping should be hot or cold. During our visual inspections, our experts look for discharge valves, rust and corrosion, hissing, and even lunches. Best of all, there’s no production downtime because we perform the survey while your system is operating.

In addition, we can provide aerial infrared scanning to find buried steam lines—and losses that might be coming from them. We can help diagnose other problems too: in compressed air systems, electrical systems, and much more. Contact us to receive more information or request a demonstration.