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Adopting the Long View on EAM

Does your business or work site meet the definition of a high reliability organization (HRO)? While many plant managers or executives might think as much, if they aren't prioritizing preventive maintenance at all levels, the answer is almost certainly "no." Fortunately for them, Predictive Service is leading the charge toward more intuitive ways to understand how maintenance plans influence outcomes, providing the insight needed to institute dramatic organizational change. HROs explained Researchers define a highly reliable organization as any that has demonstrated its ability to overcome a host of inherent obstacles to safety and reliability to create a work environment with a proven record

How EAM Impacts the Bottom Line

From an early age, teachers urge their students to "show, not tell." That advice proves crucial throughout life and across many professions, including business management. When explaining the need to invest in better maintenance and reliability practices, operations stakeholders often find it challenging to justify those investments to executives. But when they have ample data available as it relates to their specific equipment and their industry in general, maintenance professionals find it much easier to show their leadership why proactive maintenance pays off, with the facts and figures to support them. Gathering Internal Data The first step toward proving the effectiveness of a maintenan

Collaborative Approach Solves Issues

Our collaborative approach works for solving issues for a food manufacturer’s packaging process. Predictive Service was engaged to recommend solutions for a food packaging process that would reduce the required headcount currently used and increase line speed and quality. The initial approach was performing a detailed evaluation of their current system including the design, configuration and throughput. Working collaboratively with the operations and maintenance personnel, the Predictive Service professionals assessed the challenges and causes that were creating the main issues with lines performance. The outcome was a detailed assessment of the current state and recommended line configurati

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